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Why is Symbius Medical distinctive?

LuxSci helps ensure HIPAA-compliance for email and web services.

LuxSci: Secure communications

  1. Our responsibility is as an extension of your practice.
  2. Our exclusive focus is urological needs.
  3. We honor catheter choice (i.e. we will not "product switch" patients into economy products).
  4. We value our clinician and patient relationships and conduct our business with the highest level of ethics.
  5. We strive to make the process for you as easy as possible.

MIPS: Symbius provides a condition-specific chronic disease self-management support program for all patient referrals.

This E-Script portal expressly is for use by physicians, nurses and other referring clinicians of Symbius Medical. Please do not share any login credentials with other parties inside or outside of your organization. We are committed to protect the information you provide, just as we protect it when you provide it to us over the phone, via fax, in person or through the mail.We subscribe to the HIPAA Privacy Practices that cover "protected health information" under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 ("HIPAA").

This Portal has implemented safeguards to protect confidential data and protected health information. In accordance with the HIPAA security rule, all form data is encrypted, user authentication is required, and proper audit controls are in place. By registering and logging-in, a user acknowledges they are authorized to handle patient information, they will do so with proper responsibility in following their medical practice's information security and privacy policies, and they will uphold the confidentiality of any and all patient information. End users are also required to adhere to the Portal terms of service.